A special thanks to all who made this conference possible:

  • Huntington Beach Mid-singles Conference Committee, especially Committee Chair, Trent Weaver, and Committee Co-Chairs , Kari Pearsall, Matt Campbell, Heather Grow, Holly Armstrong, Ryan Nichols, Juliet Uata, Amber Bremmer, Jen Zaragoza, Katie Turner, Michelle Large, Gengus Sanborn, Tyler Kump, John & Elyse Peterson and Brian Partridge.
  • HB Single adult ward members who pitched in and spent so much time helping with setup, clean-up and planning.
  • HBSA Bishopric and their wives, particularly Brother and Sister Boyce for long many hours spent working with and feeding the conference committee.
  • Merilee Boyak, Ross Baron, Steve Lang, Tim Ballard, Mark Mabry and Amy Stevens Seal for sharing their messages and testimonies.
  • Rudy Cruz and Jimmy Lee for photography
  • Huntington Beach Single Adult Ward
  • Huntington Beach Stake members who provided security and other logistical support.
  • Special thanks to you who supported the conference. As Trent said in his talk, it is a 9 month effort to put together these conferences. The event is a special experience for many people, but it only works when people show up and participate! 

If your life situation has you able to join us next year, please do! Remember the challenge to Look to God and Live!

2017 Huntington Beach Mid-singles Conference Committee

Monday - Day at Disneyland